Cancer Care

Statistics: In 2014 there will be an estimated 1,665,000+ new cancer cases in the United States. There will be approximately 585,000+ death from cancer. Cancer is the second overall leading cause of mortality and one in four deaths are caused by cancer.



Prostate 233,000 Breast 232,670
Lung and bronchus 116,000 Lung and bronchus 108,210
Colon and rectum 71,830 Colon and rectum 65,000


In the state of Florida there will be an estimated 10,230 cases of colon and rectal cancer, 15,480 cases of breast cancer and 5,320 cases of melanoma.

Two of the highest risk factors for developing cancer include tobacco use (all forms) and obesity/obesity related issues. It is estimated that over 170,000 cases of cancer are related tobacco use while 577,000 are related to obesity, poor nutrition and inactivity.

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Our Cancer Care Philosophy

Our surgeons have over 60 years of experience treating a variety of cancers however most cancers are not treated with surgery alone and require a team approach. Because of this fact we have partnered with other specialists and have created Orlando Physician Specialists. With this partnership we have access to state of the art treatments including robotic/minimally invasive surgeries, radiation treatments and chemotherapy. Also because of this close relationship among our partnered specialists we are able to treat all of our patients as if they were a member of our own families.

Some of our more commonly surgically treated cancers include:

Colon and rectum, breast, melanoma /other skin cancers, gastric (stomach) and thyroid/endocrine tumors.

Some other services we offer related to cancer treatment and diagnosis include surgical biopsies, minimally invasive biopsies, genetic testing for inherited cancer syndromes and placement of vascular access devices (Port-a-cath).

If you or a family member is diagnosed with cancer, our surgeons would be glad to meet with you, go over your case on an individual basis and help develop a treatment plan.